We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions from our guests and displayed them here. If your question is not answered, please feel free to contact us.

In this section we answer questions about:

  • Amber Sands itself, including making a reservation, our guests, opening hours, room facilities, activities, and what we can and can’t do;
  • everything you want to know about getting to Amber Sands;
  • the island of Koh Chang in general including medical questions, what to pack, weather, shops, banks, transport around the island, and the like.

About Amber Sands 

  • How can I secure a reservation?

    Click here to book now or make an enquiry, or alternatively, send us an email to booking@ambersandsbeachresort.com or call us on +66 (0) 822 120 698.

  • How far in advance should I make a reservation?

    The answer to this question is one of basic economics–when demand is high you need to make reservations further in advance. The months that are most in demand are November, December, January and February. The three weeks over Christmas and New Year are extremely popular so we highly recommend that you make reservations 10-12 months in advance to be certain you obtain the accommodation you want. For the rest of the busy season, we recommend about 4-5 months in advance. At the opposite end of the scale, during the low season many guests book their first 2 or 3 nights, and are then often able to extend when we’re not so busy.

  • Do your prices include taxes, levies and other charges?

    Yes, our prices include sales tax, tourist levy and service. The only extra charge will be if you make a payment by credit card when we need to add the 3% bank charge. (Of course our staff always appreciate a tip if you feel that the service or standards warrant it.)

  • Does your daily room rate include breakfast?

    No, our room rates do not include breakfast. We have often considered this matter, but feel that our policy of paying for what you eat is the right principle. There is no such thing as a “free” breakfast. It is built into the price. At Amber Sands, if you only want a coffee, that’s all you’ll pay for. Why pay for breakfast that you may not want or eat?

    We’re too small to offer a buffet style breakfast. Besides that would limit us to offering the buffet between certain hours only. We personally find that it is great to be able to have breakfast at any time. That is what a holiday should be about.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, we do accept Visa and Mastercard, but unfortunately we need to add on the bank charge of 3%. We can also accept credit cards for the payment of your deposit.

  • What are your check out and check in times?

    Check out time is 11:00am. Check in is from 14:00pm onwards. If you need a later check out or earlier check in, we are always willing to oblige if circumstances permit and will do everything possible to make things convenient for you. Please just ask.

  • What nationalities of guests will I find at Amber Sands?

    We estimate that 80% of our guests are from Europe, mainly Dutch, German, Scandinavian, French and English, and probably 5% each from Australia, South Africa, North America and other Asian countries.

  • What kind of guests come to Amber Sands?

    Mostly like-minded travelers actually. Those who are looking for peace and quiet, for something different with personal service, warm hospitality, good value for money and not another impersonal hotel. We get a good mix between singles, couples and families with children, and generally a mix of age groups.

    Amber Sands works well for families wanting to holiday together, and especially for 3G travel (three generations travelling together; parents, children and grandchildren). We’ve also had a number of parents coming out to Thailand to meet their world travelling adult children and spoil the youngsters for a while. Also families living in different countries can easily meet centrally in Thailand.

  • Do you have a cot?

    Yes, we have two travel cots available, so please book one when you make your reservation. There is a proper cot in the Family Bungalow, and we also have a small type of camping “tent” type of mat for very young babies.

  • Do you have wifi at Amber Sands?

    Yes, we offer free wifi to all our resident guests. It reaches all rooms and the general areas of the resort, is fairly fast, and is generally very reliable.

  • Do you offer a laundry service?

    Yes, we can take your clothes to the same laundry that we use for the resort’s linen. It takes about 24 hours to turn around, and currently costs 60 baht per kilogram, washed and ironed if necessary. There is no dry cleaning service on the island.

  • Do your rooms have television?

    No, and we don’t plan to change this. Most of our guests find that it is wonderful not to have TV. (See the comments on TripAdvisor.) There is plenty to do on the island, and for times when you are relaxing in your room or around the swimming pool, we suggest a good book. We have a small library of books in various languages that you are more than welcome to borrow or swap. Our wifi reaches throughout the resort so that should keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world, if you really want to that is! And we’ve found that guests may sometimes buy the odd DVD on the island and watch it on their laptops.

  • Will my hairdryer, chargers and other appliances work at Amber Sands?

    Yes, they will work. All rooms have an extension lead with 4 international plugs to cater for our modern lives travelling with so many chargers.

  • What type of electric plugs do you have?

    Thailand generally uses a plug with two flat pins as shown in the illustration below, but you may also find plug types B and C. Some plug sockets can take a variety of different plug types including the English plugs. Some plug sockets will take two round pins like the European plugs. All rooms have an extension lead with 4 international plug sockets to cater for our modern lives travelling with so many chargers.


    • Plug Type A: 2 parallel flat prongs
    • Plug Type B: Similar to type A but with an earth connector
    • Plug Type C: 2 parallel round prongs
  • Do the rooms have fridges (refrigerators)?

    Only the Beach House Rooms and the Family Bungalow have fridges. We understand that guests may require a fridge for medication or for baby food. You are welcome to store small items in one of our fridges behind the bar, which are accessible to guests 24 hours a day.

  • Do you have mosquitos at Amber Sands?

    Yes, being so close to the rain forests, we do get some mosquitos, but it’s hardly a major epidemic or problem. You will rarely find mosquitos around during the day, or when there is a slight breeze. They usually appear around sunset between the hours of 5pm and 7pm. We suggest keeping your bungalow door closed, and if possible, not using the outside light.

    Inside our rooms we provide free mosquito repellent wipes and some insect spray just to be on the safe side. Our bungalows don’t have mosquito nets because honestly, and we’re not just saying this, we’ve lived here for over 6 years and we’ve almost never found a mosquito that manages to get inside the room. In the open sided restaurant we use mosquito coils around the tables that also help to keep the environment mozzie free.

    In addition, we have a pesticide service that comes each month to spray against mosquitos, termites, and other unpleasant creatures we would rather not share the resort with.

  • And what about sand flies?

    We are delighted to say that we don’t get sand flies on our beach. There are other beaches on Koh Chang and on Koh Mak that suffer from sand flies, but you will be safe here.

  • Can you book tours and activities for us?

    Yes, we can book most activities available on the island, including car rental and motor bike/scooter rental, transfers to and from Trat airport or Bangkok. And yes, we do get a modest commission from booking most, but not all, activities. We want to be upfront about that. But in the end you won’t pay any more than if you were to book the trip yourself either with the operator or with an agent on White Sands. So if you have benefited from our advice, then why not let us take one more hassle out of your holiday?

  • Can you recommend any activity providers?

    Yes we can. Having been on the island for some years now, we’ve found certain providers that offer a better service or package than others, and we tend to use them because they’re reliable. We’ll discuss the options with you when you arrive.

  • Do I need to book activities before we arrive at Amber Sands?

    No, not really, unless you want to do specific activities on specific dates, or if you only have limited time, then it can be advisable to book these ahead, especially in the peak season. Otherwise we can discuss the best options for you and book them when you arrive.

  • Can we get a massage at Amber Sands?

    You bet! We can book an appointment for you with our very talented and experienced freelance masseuse to give you a massage on the sala to the sounds of the lapping waves, or in the privacy of your room.

  • Can you arrange a baby sitter?

    No, we don’t offer this service. We know that our staff could possibly provide the service for a fee in their spare time, but we are not keen for them to accept that kind of responsibility.

  • Do you cater for weddings at Amber Sands?

    No, sorry, we are really too small to offer this kind of service. Some of the larger hotels on the island will be able to help you.

  • We will be celebrating a special occasion (anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, etc.) while staying at Amber Sands. Can you help us celebrate in some way?

    Nothing pleases us more than to help our guests celebrate a special event in their lives! We would be delighted to work with you to make your special day as beautiful, fun, and/or creative as you would like, within the limitations we are faced with on a remote tropical island. Just let us know!

  • Is parking available?

    Yes, there is a small but adequate size off road parking area at the entrance to Amber Sands.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Generally we don’t like to accept pets because we do have two dogs and a cat ourselves. But we understand that it may be difficult for you. So on request, we can accept small, well behaved, house-trained animals. Please use a leash whenever they are with you on the property, and pick-up and dispose of their waste.

  • Is smoking allowed?

    Smoking is allowed only outside. We do also allow smoking in our open sided restaurant if this doesn’t interfere with your neighbours. The majority of our guests do not smoke, and some are very allergic to smoke. Therefore, we ask that the bungalows remain totally free of all cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke. Failure to do so can result in you being liable for the costs to clean the bungalow and have all curtains cleaned.

  • Do I need transport during my stay at Amber Sands?

    This depends on what you want to do on your holiday. Transport will enable you to get around independently and explore, but it may not be required for every day of your stay.

    Most tour operators will collect you from Amber Sands for activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, boat hire, or Thai cooking courses. Where we have earned commission on an activity booking, we’ll gladly take you to White Sands where the operator will collect you. For the elephant trekking that we recommend, we will take you to the elephant camp 15 minutes away (for free), and during the drive we’ll tell you about the fruit trees along the route and explain something of Thai culture that we’ve experienced while living here.

    See also the other questions on different transport options.

  • Are there shops close to Amber Sands?

    Not really. There is a small convenience store about 300 metres down the road for things like cigarettes, crisps, cold drinks and the like. There are a few shops and eateries at Centre Point ferry 1km away, with some tourist items. And in the next village about 5kms away you’ll find a 711 and two ATM’s. But White Sands is the main town on the island which is 8kms, or 20 minutes away. There you’ll find everything you may need including banks, foreign exchange counters, pharmacies, clothing shops, shoes, diapers, cosmetics, toiletries, DVD’s, books, magazines, etc.

  • Are there restaurants close to Amber Sands?

    We have our own restaurant that we’re proud to say receives some wonderful reviews. But we understand that it is fun to try something different. The resort next door has a good restaurant, and there is another one about 200 metres down the road. Recently a few local "eateries" have also opened up within a few hundred metres of Amber Sands. At the Centre Point ferry 1km away they have a few "eateries", but these mainly cater to the local Thai people. It is fun to sit and have a beer at the pier and watch the passing traffic when the ferry comes in or goes out again. Up at the bigger ferry 4kms away, there are some good local sea food restaurants which are only open in the day. Otherwise the best place for a good choice would be White Sands village. We’re happy to give you some recommendations.

Getting to Amber Sands

  • How do I get to Amber Sands from Bangkok?

    There are a few options depending on budget and available time. We’ve set these out below:

    Bus from Bangkok airport bus terminal. Costs about 350 to 400 baht, and takes about 5 hours to the ferry. They are air conditioned with a toilet. They generally stop half way for a break and leg stretch. The best value around and well worth considering if you’re not in a hurry, or if you have to wait for a long time for the Bangkok Airways flight connection to Trat airport after your international flight. The bus drops you at the ferry pier on the mainland, from where you take the ferry, and we can collect you when you get to the island.

    Shared minibus. Costs between 400 to 900 baht per person and takes about 4 hours. They can be a bit crowded with 8 or 9 people, plus luggage.Metred taxi. Cost depends on your negotiating skills, but we’ve heard a price as low as THB 3,000 although it is more likely to be about THB 4,000. From the airport the time will be about 4 hours to the ferry.

    Private car or minibus. Can be arranged by Amber Sands from Suvarnabhumi airport at a total cost of THB 4,600 by air conditioned private car for 2 to 3 persons with limited luggage or THB 5,200 for 4 to 5 persons in a private minibus, including toll fees and ferry tickets. They take about 4 hours to the ferry, or about 5 hours including the ferry crossing. The cost from central Bangkok or Don Muang airport is an extra 300 baht to cover the extra time and toll fees.

    One thing to bear in mind with the above options is that the last ferry to the island is at 7pm. So if you are travelling overland, you have to leave Bangkok before about 1pm to be safe if coming by bus, but definitely no later than 2pm if the bus is direct to the ferry pier. Some buses go to Trat, which is inconvenient because you then have to get a song thaew (taxi) to the ferry pier adding about 30 minutes to the travel time. It is better to get the so called “Government 999 bus” that goes directly to the pier.

    Flying will only take about 45 minutes, but it will cost about 6,000 baht return, maybe a little less if you can get a special. However, you have to check in early, and then wait, so all of that adds to the time. Also there are 2 to 3 flights a day, and if you are coming here right after your international flight, then you may have to wait for the connection as well. Things to factor in. Bangkok Airways is the only airline flying to Trat, the local airport.

  • How do I get from Trat airport to Amber Sands?

    Amber Sands can arrange the very efficient shuttle bus service from Trat airport directly to our resort. The service is easy and painless. The current cost is 800 baht per person return, including the cost of the ferry. They meet you at the airport, travel over on the ferry, and drop you right at our door. We are the first resort that they drop passengers off at, and on the return journey, you are the last passengers to be collected, so you don’t have to wait on either leg.

  • Can I take a taxi from Trat airport to Amber Sands?

    There are no private song thaews (taxis) at Trat airport, and the shuttle buses are the only option, other than some hotels that do collect passengers at a cost. The shuttle buses work well, and avoid any stress in trying to get here.

  • I am on the last flight to the island arriving at Trat airport at 6:15pm. Will I still be able to get a ferry to the island?

    Yes, sure. It takes about 20 minutes to disembark and collect your luggage because Trat airport is really very small. Then it is a 10 minute journey to the ferry pier. The last ferry leaves at 7pm, or sometimes slightly later, but it will wait for the airport shuttle bus. When the flight has been delayed by a few hours, we’ve found that Bangkok Airways charters the ferry to make sure that their passengers can get to Koh Chang.

  • Where will the bus from Bangkok drop me off?

    The buses that come to this area from Bangkok drop passengers at various places, so we’ll give you the various options.

    One goes to the bus terminal at Trat town. This is located about 2kms from the centre of Trat itself, and about 18kms from the Centre Point ferry which is near a town called Laem Ngob. From Trat you will need to catch a song thaew (taxi) to the ferry. It takes about 25-30 minutes and will cost about 50 baht in a shared song thaew. Sometimes they insist on waiting for the song thaew to fill before leaving.

    Some buses drop passengers off at a town before Trat called Saen Tung, about 25kms from the ferries. They arrange for a song thaew from the drop off point to the ferries.

    Other buses come directly to the ferries.

  • Which ferry should I take to get to Amber Sands?

    Either one. There are two ferry operators sailing to Koh Chang, both of which take cars and passengers.

    One leaves from a pier called Ao Tammachat. These ferries are either blue and white in colour, or one is painted in the Singha beer colours. They leave the mainland every 45 minutes and take about 30 minutes to cross. They land on the island at a place called Ao Subparot, which is 4kms from Amber Sands. The other ferry departs from Centre Point and takes about 45 minutes to cross. These ferries are green, white or orange in colour. They land on the island also at Centre Point, but in Dan Kao, about 1km from Amber Sands.

    You can take either ferry to reach Amber Sands. If you are coming by private bus or car that Amber Sands has arranged, or by the airport shuttle bus, you needn’t worry about which ferry to take because the operator will sort this out for you, and pay for your ferry ticket. But if you come by bus or meter taxi, they will drop you on the mainland side, and we’ll gladly come and collect you at the ferry pier on the island, at no extra charge. We just need to know the colour of the ferry, and what time you leave the mainland so that we can tell where and when to collect you.

  • Do you have the ferry time tables?

    The Tamachat/Subparot ferry starts at 06:45am and runs about every 45 minutes until 7pm. The Centre Point ferry starts at 6am, and leaves the mainland on the hour most hours, and from the island on the half hour, most half hours with the last ferry being at 7:30pm.

  • Where will I meet your driver at Bangkok airport?

    The driver will meet you in the arrivals hall at Suvarnabhumi Airport at what is called “the Meeting Point”. This is well sign posted as you come into the arrivals hall after collecting your luggage. You will see many drivers and people waiting for flights but this is not the “official” meeting point. Keep walking past them all and follow the sign to “the Meeting Point” which is very near to exit gate 3.

    The driver will wait with a sign with your names. If there is any problem finding the driver, you can always contact us on +66(0)822120698.

About Koh Chang in General

  • What clothes should I pack?

    There are two important points to remember. Pack light and pack little. Apart from the weather being very warm and humid in Thailand, Amber Sands is an informal relaxed environment. So pack with this in mind.

    Light cheese cloth type shirts or blouses, shorts, light casual pants and loose fitting dresses are best. A cap or hat is essential. Unless T-shirts are very thin or loose fitting, I personally find they can be quite hot in this climate. That’s why I like loose fitting cheese cloth shirts myself.

    For women we suggest a “wrap” or sarong that you can put over a swimming costume for lunch.

    Bear in mind that you can buy anything that you need locally, at very reasonable prices, and as mentioned elsewhere, we do offer a laundry service (but not dry cleaning) so it is possible to have your clothes cleaned.

    Sandals or flip flops instead of shoes. For some activities, river type of walking sandals that you can strap on and get wet are really useful. In South Africa we called them “Rocky’s”. If you intend doing any hiking, then perhaps those trousers with zip off legs could be useful.

    Some guests do dress a little for dinner, which is always nice, but this doesn’t mean a jacket, long pants and shoes and socks at all, smart is a relative term in the humid tropics. We recommend a light pullover or jacket, but only one.

    For smarter hotels or restaurants in Bangkok or elsewhere on your travels in Thailand, you may well require slightly smarter wear, but again keep it light.

    In summary, we’ve never yet heard a guest say that they packed too little! On the contrary.

  • What is the best time of year to visit Koh Chang?

    November through to February probably offers the best weather, but most of that period is peak or high season, and the prices are the highest. March and April get very hot. May and the second half of October are often pretty good months for visiting as they combine quite a lot of sunshine with lower season prices, plus all the tour boats and dive schools are up and running so activity wise there are things to do.

  • When is the rainy season on Koh Chang?

    This period seems to fluctuate as global climate is in a state of flux, but generally the rains start in June and go through until early October. This most definitely doesn’t mean 5 months of solid rain, far from it! Some months are worse than others.

    This area of Thailand (Trat) is one of the wettest in the country but that doesn't mean that it rains constantly during the rainy season. The majority or rainfall comes in the form of storms or very heavy rain showers which often last only 30 minutes per day before the sky clears and the sun comes out. So having an entire week of grey, overcast sky and no sunshine is quite a rarity.

  • What will the weather be like in…?
    Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Mean temp. (oC)                        
    Daily 26 27 28 29 28 27 27 27 27 27 27 27
    Morning Minimum 21 23 24 24 25 24 24 24 24 23 23 22
    Extreme Min 14 16 17 21 22 22 20 22 21 18 15 11
    Afternoon Maximum 31 32 32 33 333 31 31 30 31 31 32 31
    Extreme Max 36 35 38 36 36 35 34 34 34 35 35 35
    Mean relative humidity(%)
    at 0700 am. 83 88 89 88 90 92 92 93 93 89 81 78
    at 1300 pm. 62 65 66 69 73 79 78 79 77 72 63 59
    Surface wind
    Mean Speed (km./hr.) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 4 4 5 5
    Direction N.E. N.E. S.W. N.E. N.E. N.E. W. W. N.E. N.E. N.E. N.E.
    Mean rainfall
    Amount (mm./month) 38 76 104 173 371 903 903 1071 635 358 85 20
    Rainy Day (day/month) 4 7 9 13 22 26 26 28 24 21 9 3
    Heavy Rainy Day (day/month)
    > 35mm/day
    0.4 0.5 1 1.5 3.5 9 9 10 6 3 0.4 0.1

    Data from the Thai Meteorological Office and www.iamkohchang.com

  • Do I need to take anti-malaria tablets if I visit Koh Chang?

    The short answer is that malaria is unlikely, but we are not medical experts and can’t take the risk of advising you to take or not take anti-malaria medication.

    You will probably find that any doctor or travel clinic in a first world country is likely to recommend precautions because they are anxious to avoid any risk should anything happen. One can understand. Locals and expats living in Koh Chang don’t take precautions against malaria as far as we know. It is also not usual for foreign tourists to take anti-malaria tablets before coming to Koh Chang.

    Here is a risk map from the UK NHS showing that risk of malaria is low, and that anti-malarial precautions are not necessary for Koh Chang:

    Another informative explanation is from Ian who runs a hugely informative web site called “iamkohchang”. This is the link to his page on malaria:

  • Are there snakes on the island?

    Yes, there are, but usually they are only found in the forest or crossing the roads. We have seen a few small ones around the resort, but this is rare. Snakes are generally more frightened of you than you are of them!

  • What about other wild life on the island?

    Despite the island being a National Park, you don’t see very much wildlife around the island. The occasional monkey walking the overhead electrical wires, or a monitor lizard crossing the road, are about the most frequent sightings. It is possible that further inland into the forests you will see more wildlife.

    There is also not too much bird life around either, but again it may be a case of getting inside the forest to experience the true nature.

    When the rains come you get frogs in their hundreds! And they don’t all sing as harmoniously as Paul McCartney’s Frog song (We all stand together)! A few times a year they tend to find their way under the bungalows where the rain water collects and their croaking can even vibrate the floorboards!

  • How do I get around Koh Chang?

    There is no public transport on Koh Chang. You can hire a motor bike/scooter for 250 baht a day, or a pick-up/car for 1,200 baht a day.

    Being on the quiet side of the island, it also isn’t possible to walk out of the resort and hail a taxi because they generally don’t run up and down this area as they do on the west coast of the island.

    But song thaews (taxis) run from the Centre Point ferry 1km away and cost 60 baht a person in a shared taxi to go to White Sands. They run during the day until the ferry services end at about 7pm, after which you will need to hire your own taxi to get back to this side of the island, at a cost of between 300 to 500 baht for the whole taxi, depending on your negotiating skills. Or we can call a song thaew for you and help negotiate a good price for either a one way or return journey with one of our regular taxi drivers.

    The taxis on Koh Chang are expensive by Thai standards, so we recommend hiring a scooter as the most efficient means of transport.

  • Can you recommend car or scooter rental companies?

    Yes, indeed. We’ve worked with the two suppliers that we use for many years and found both of them trustworthy, honest and reliable. They will both deliver to Amber Sands and collect when you’re finished. We check the car/scooter together with you and their representative to make sure that everybody is aware of any pre-existing damage.

  • Do I need a driving license to hire a motor bike?

    Technically yes, but the hire companies don’t ever ask to see one.

  • Do I need a driving license to hire a car?

    Yes you do need a driving license, but the car hire company won’t ask to see it. You could be stopped by police and asked to show your license, and of course you’ll need your license in the event of an accident. In order to drive in Thailand you also need an international driving license.

  • Does the car rental company offer insurance?

    Yes, the advantage of using the car rental company that we recommend is that they do carry insurance on their vehicles, with an excess (deductible) of THB 15,000. You do need to have a driver’s license, but you don’t need an international driving license to be able to claim. Although for driving in Thailand, technically you do need an international driving license.

  • Does your daily room rate include breakfast?

    No, our room rates do not include breakfast. We have often considered this matter, but feel that our policy of paying for what you eat is the right principle. There is no such thing as a “free” breakfast. It is built into the price. At Amber Sands, if you only want a coffee, that’s all you’ll pay for. Why pay for breakfast that you may not want or eat?

    We’re too small to offer a buffet style breakfast. Besides that would limit us to offering the buffet between certain hours only. We personally find that it is great to be able to have breakfast at any time. That is what a holiday should be about.

  • Is there a hospital on Koh Chang?

    Yes, there are two hospitals and various local clinics around the island. The local government hospital is 4kms away from Amber Sands. On the west coast at the far end of White Sands there is an international hospital.

  • Are there doctors on Koh Chang?

    Yes there are doctors at the two hospitals and possibly at the various local clinics around the island. But there are no doctor surgeries as such, and it isn’t possible to get a house call from a doctor.

  • Can I buy medication on Koh Chang?

    Yes, there are many pharmacies all down the west coast of Koh Chang and most pharmacists speak English. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy medication in Thailand. But it will be helpful if you know the composition of any prescribed medications.

  • Is there a foreign exchange facility on Koh Chang?

    Yes, there are a few banks on the island that offer this service. Bangkok Bank in White Sands is one that is open 7 days a week.

  • Can I buy diapers on Koh Chang?

    Yes, indeed, the main supermarkets on the island carry a good range, and you can also buy small packets at any 711 or Tesco Express store. There is no need to bring a large supply of diapers with you.

  • Is it easy to travel to the other islands?

    Yes, there are two companies operating boats between the islands, being Bang Bao Boats (see their web site) and one from Kae Bae. Ferry services may be suspended or infrequent during the rainy season.

    You don’t have to get back to the mainland via Koh Chang. There are boats that will take you from Koh Mak or Koh Kood directly to the mainland.